It’s been a bit since I’ve last written, hasn’t it? Well, that Supermoon Tour I embarked on with Liv Lombardi a couple months back? I’m proud to report that it was a complete success, and I couldn’t be happier about all of the memories we made in those few weeks out on the road. 

     I’m SO grateful for such an amazing tour kickoff last night at the Red Cross House in Northampton, MA, I really couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful cast of characters and artists. Liv Lombardi, Lea Chiara, The Sun Parade and Jake Klar were all completely fantastic, and I’m one tough cookie to impress!

     New pins for tour, new tour date (8/16 @ The Tree Bar in Columbus, OH w/ St. Lennox) and today is the last day to pre-order the physical copies of my new album! This first pressing will more than likely sell out by the end of the tour and I will not be repressing them with the fold out jackets again, so if you’d like one please come out to a show or head on over to!

     Precisely one week from today I’ll be heading out on the road for three weeks with Liv Lombardi on our little “Supermoon Tour 2014” and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got a whole bunch of dates across the Midwest and a few in the Northeast that you can find details for by clicking here, and if you live in or around any of the town’s we’ll be stopping through we’d love to see your beautiful faces!

     Today we find ourselves with a brand new moon in our sky, which will give rise to the closest and largest full moon (or “Supermoon”) of 2014 on August 10th. You won’t feel it, but our little sweetheart will be tugging on our tides just a wee bit harder and Liv Lombardi and I have decided to use these powers to our advantage when we set sail upon the interstate for three weeks of musical performances, capping it all off on the next new moon. Please check the Facebook event page for more info on each individual date and hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

     The new CDs have just arrived and they look friggin’ mahvelous! It’s not too late to pick up the pre-order bundle, but there’s just one week left if you’re interested! Head to for deets and many thanks for everyone’s kind words and support. It means the world!


     This past Thursday my newest release “A Stranger at the Wheel…Naked” was made available not only on Bandcamp but on iTunesAmazon and all other major digital music marketplaces, as well as for pre-order on CD.

Decided to shoot a little impromptu music video the other day for the new “naked” version of my tune ‘A Stranger at the Wheel’. Give it a peep over at!

If you would be so kind as to reblog the hell out of this here new album of mine, it would seriously make my life.

A Stranger at the Wheel…Naked by Christopher Reyne

Every other day, I’ll be posting a new song off of my upcoming ‘A Stranger at the Wheel…Naked’ album until June 11th, when the whole album will be available for download. ‘Ashes’ is already up right this very second and I’m pretty darn proud of how it turned out. Give it a listen if you’ve got a few minutes to spare over on my YouTube channel, and please share it if ya dig it!

Mixing , mixing, mixing, mixing…might just put a couple of these tracks up to stream for some feedback very soon. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

My tunes are gonna be up on Pandora soon. Suh-weeeeet!

Dearest Connecticutians,

     Please join me this Friday evening for one of only two gigs I’ll be playing in Connecticut before I split in September. The talented Jennifer Hill & Co. and 1974 will both be joining me for my debut performance at the ever-awesome Arch Street Tavern.


     To say that much has transpired since I last posted would be a gross understatement. Without going into extreme detail, I’ll just say that things in my life got a little bit crazy around the holidays


(Photo credit: Jesse Mojica)

     With just a couple of weeks left before I can no longer claim to be a Portlander, I just wanted to say that these last couple years here have been absolutely incredible.